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blafili B3

Anywhere with blafili B3

You can enjoy high-quality Bluetooth audio from smartphone anywhere when you connect blafili B3 to hi-fi receivers, amplifiers or powered speakers. What is more, blafili B3 supports up to 16bit/48kHz and allows you to listen to all types of high-quality sound sources through a computer just by connecting a computer and a USB cable.

blafili B3 Bluetooth codecs supported

Supremacy sound quality of Bluetooth

The combination of Qualcomm's latest chipset QCC5125 which have the world's top 6 Bluetooth audio codecs and premium USB DAC and ESS DAC ES9018K2M provides the fantastic harmonies.

custom blafili B3 broadcast name

Customize Bluetooth broadcast name

Unlike most other Bluetooth receivers, we can CUSTOMIZE your Bluetooth ID ( <= 10 characters, letters ONLY ) to your specifications! Please make sure to specify your preferred Bluetooth ID in the order notes when placing your order.

custom blafili B3 passcode

Customize passcode

The blafili B3 device DOES NOT have a password by default. However, we can set a different password ( 4 DIGITS ONLY ) for each blafili B3 device to block unauthorized people from connecting to your speakers. Please be sure to indicate your preferred password in the order notes when placing your order.

The best audio quality existing today

Enjoy amazing sound quality music endlessly with the Hi-Fi Audio systems or DACs you use today. blafili B3 receives audio wirelessly from all smart devices with built-in Bluetooth function and streams the best audio quality existing today with your Hi-Fi Audio system and DAC.

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Our Happy Customers

Paul Elarde

blafili B3

Yes, thank you Michael. Installed the first one today, have not had a chance to test roughly but so far sounds very good. Love the password and XLR outputs. Just tested range no drop outs anywhere in this building!

Liam Henry

blafili B3

Michael, I hooked it up and it worked flawlessly. I have not had time to use it much as it was bought for using on with outdoor system. I used it in my shop on the speakers that are installed Bose and I enjoyed the sound.

Warren Barnes

blafili B3

I did, thank you! And you,...good man good company restored my faith in man kind I love it it works good and easy to set up be cool Mr Wang.

Orlando C. Delfino

blafili B3

It's great Michael. Easy to connect and sounds great. Haven't tested in huge places yet but a few small room and it's tight.

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